Vital 4D

VITAL 4D is a cleaning approach that
leaves nothing to chance.

It's an approach that combines 4-dimensional cleaning expertise with cleaning products, equipment and machines to achieve cleaner, healthier, more hygienic buildings.

The VITAL 4D approach treats each dimension of a room, office, meeting place or workspace as separately as part of the whole, dividing each room into its constituent parts for systematic treatment.

Cleaning the parts other approaches can’t reach

When using the VITAL 4D approach, you’ll benefit from a systematic four-dimensional approach that reaches into every corner of your workspace.

The result is a cleaner, healthier building.

What dimensions are covered by the
VITAL 4D approach?


Whether by mopping, polishing, scrubbing or brushing, floor cleaning is possibly the most common activity in the cleaning regime. High traffic areas throughout any building harbour all manner of dirt and disease that may be walked in from the external environment.

VITAL 4D brings together products, cleaning solutions and advice to deliver cleaner floors and greater efficiencies in floor cleaning.

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Walls may be excluded from cleaning programmes for accessibility reasons or due to lack of time. Yet dirt and grime on walls, particularly in corridors, shared meeting spaces and entrance areas can accumulate without being immediately visible.

To overcome these accessibility and visibility challenges, VITAL 4D cleaning includes new approaches to ensure that your walls can be as clean as your floors.

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Surfaces such as desktops, worktops, furniture, doors and sanitaryware in bathrooms and canteens as well as objects such as lamps and keyboards can all harbour dirt, germs and viruses which must be eliminated. Surface types vary from sector to sector and building to building depending on use.

Surfaces in communal areas and shared spaces are particularly vulnerable yet each type of surface may require different treatment. VITAL 4D offers a specialist approach combining cleaning materials and approaches to address this issue.

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“Sick Building Syndrome” is not an imagined condition. It can result from poor air quality inside buildings. Furthermore, most traditional cleaning contracts do not include air cleansing to remove the contaminants and impurities that may adversely impact on air quality.

A key issue is that contaminants from both internal and external sources are commonly redistributed through the air inside a building, resulting in poor air quality. VITAL 4D’s approach is to “scrub” internal air to remove contaminants and impurities, dramatically improving air quality.

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The VITAL 4D Solution

VITAL 4D combines the best cleaning techniques, products, technologies and tools to clean each of these four dimensions thoroughly and systematically. The result is a safer, healthier environment for cleaners, workers, visitors, residents and other users.

By contrast, neglecting any of these dimensions means incomplete cleaning results and potentially hazardous contaminants, dirt, germs or viruses left alone.

Ask us about the VITAL 4D approach to 4D cleaning.

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