Cleaning & Hygiene Health Checks
How Can They Support Your Cleaning Operation?


For many years the measure of a clean building has been either sight or smell.

Cleaning is often perceived as a functional task with only a low requirement for training, auditing, and the use of technology. Yet with the new demands of modern cleaning, that needs to change. Cleaners not only need the right tools for the job, but they also require support from management and new recognition for the role of cleaning and this includes measuring and recording cleaning results to ensure cleaning standards are met.




What is a Cleaning & Hygiene Health Check?

When facilities don’t have the correct cleaning plans in place, staff are in short supply, and time is limited, certain areas, or tasks can easily be neglected. Therefore, we have designed the Vital 4D Cleaning and Hygiene Health Check – to support you our customers!

Based on our 30 years industry experience, the Health Checks have been designed to support the cleaning team, by monitoring the results of the cleaning, so staff, residents, clients, are living and working in safe and hygienic buildings. They provide Managers with a cleaning and hygiene report so they can in turn make evidence-based decisions on where to allocate staff, time and what equipment to invest in.




What is included in the health check?

The Health Check is performed across all areas of the building and involves checking the quality of the cleaning in a room. These can be locations such as Public Areas, Washrooms, Kitchens, the Laundry and the Store Cupboard, and includes checking that the washroom dispensers are working, the correct signage is on display around the building, the COSHH sheets are the latest version and COSHH training is up to date.








At the end of the Health Check, we will provide you with a full report, showing both the findings and our recommendations. This means the manager can tailor the cleaning operation around the report, to ensure that staff have the right training and equipment, they are safe in their work and the cleaning meets the required standards.


In turn this will help raise the standard in your building, keep track on staff members and the results of their work. In a post Pandemic world, it helps identify issues early on, measures standards and prevents the spread of bacteria in the workplace, contributing to a reduction in staff absenteeism.

The Health Check also provides an opportunity to keep control of costs by looking at the most fit for purpose range of products. For example, it could identify a particular machine that could help with staff shortages by making the task of cleaning much quicker. It could also identify that by moving from a range of ready to use cleaning products to a super concentrate system used through a dosing system, that there are savings to be made.

They can also help organisations in their sustainability objectives. Organisations need to take a fresh look at cleaning from the perspective of environmental and sustainability issues, hygiene standards and especially the negative effects on both the environment and the operative from the prolonged use of cleaning chemicals.





We offer our Health Checks for free to existing customers.

For non-existing customers, you can request a quote from our sales team.



Next Step

If you think that you could benefit from the support of our Vital 4D Cleaning & Hygiene Health Check, then we’d be happy to visit your premises, walk the building with you, and design a bespoke Cleaning & Hygiene Health Check suited to your business.

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