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Fig Autocut Dispenser - White
Product Code: N69.955
Pack Size: Each
Awaiting Confirmation Date

Fig Autocut dispensers are tailored to deliver single sheet dispensing, and one fill will hold up to 900 sheets ,Fig's Autocut dispenser...

Fig Autocut Roll Towel Sugarcane 1ply
Product Code: N66.955
Pack Size: 1 x 6

Fig Autocut Roll Towel- Recycled Blue
Product Code: N66.958
Pack Size: 1 x 6

There are up to 5,400 sheets per case of Autocut towel rolls, meaning a lower carbon footprint and they’re easier to store. ,,The single...

Fig Compact Hand Towel - White
Product Code: N67.954
Pack Size: 16 x 150

Fig's sleek dispenser holds 375 sheets when full and offers self-presenting single sheet dispensing,Fig's Compact Hand Towel dispensers...

Fig Compact Hand Towel Dispenser - White
Product Code: N67.955
Pack Size: Each

Fig Compact Hand Towels Sugarcane 2ply 2400 Sheets
Product Code: N67.956
Pack Size: 16 x 150
Expected Restock Date: 23-02-2024
Fig Ecomatic Classic Sugarcane Toilet Tissue 909 Sheets
Product Code: N64.951
Pack Size: 27 x 909

Fig's incredibly bright white, soft and durable sustainable Ecomatic Sugarcane Tissue is made from the fibrous leftovers of the sugarcane...

Fig Ecomatic Toilet Tissue Dispenser - White
Product Code: N69.952
Pack Size: Each

Fig Luxury Foam Soap 700ml
Product Code: N61.001
Pack Size: 1 x 6

Fig's coconut fragranced luxury foaming hand soap is manufactured in the UK, for a lower carbon footprint ,Fig's soap system has the...

Fig Manual Foam Soap Dispenser Black ABS Plastic
Product Code: N61.901
Pack Size: Each

Fig XL Sugar-Cane Toilet roll - 1250 Sheet
Product Code: N64.953
Pack Size: 1 x 18