Chlorine Tablets

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Chlorine Tablets

Product Code: A38.200

Pack Size: 1 x 250

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Available Chlorine









Body fluid spills

Laboratory discard jars

General disinfection

Stainless steel instruments

WC’s, drain, sinks

Food preparation, surfaces, floors

Dishcloths, mops etc

Tablets (for the 500mg NaDCC)

10 tablets in 300ml, 2 minutes contact time

8 tablets in 1 litre

soak overnight

4 tablets in 1 litre

15 minutes contact time

2 tablets in 1 litre, soak 1 hour

1 tablet per 750ml, pour in solution


1 tablet per 1.5 litres

1 tablet per 5 litres

Biospot Effervescent Chlorine Tablets are recommended around the world as the safer, more effective, economic and convenient disinfectant. They are certified with test standards: BS:EN1276, BS:EN1650, BS:EN13704 & BS:EN13697. 





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