Product Type

Delphis RTU Foaming Oven Cleaner 700ml

Product Code: A40.801

Pack Size: 1 x 6


Evans Kitchen Descaler 1L (concentrate) SINGLE

Product Code: A36.450S

Pack Size: 1 x 1L

Evans Sink & Drain Grease and Fat Emulsifier 2.5L SINGLE

Product Code: A39.003S

Pack Size: 1 x 2.5L

Griddle Cleaning Scourers Pads

Product Code: A03.101

Pack Size: 1 x 10

Griddle pad can be used alone or with a holder and screen. Perfect for removing food debris from flat griddles. 

Griddle Cleaning Screens

Product Code: A03.102

Pack Size: 1 x 10

The textured screen removes particles from surfaces, drawn up by the thick griddle pad to prevent clogging.

Griddle Pad Holder

Product Code: A03.100

Pack Size: 1 x 1

The holder is to protect against burns from hot griddles and is made from tough heat resistant plastic holding the pad securely while...

Kleenoff Kettle & Shower Descaler H7 500mL CASE

Product Code: A37.508

Pack Size: 12 x 500ml

Oven Cloths

Product Code: A01.902

Pack Size: 1 x 5

This extra large oven cloth provides hand protection from hot objects in the kitchen, Designed for use by the professional chef this...


Rational Green Detergent Oven Cleaning Tablets

Product Code: A40.686

Pack Size: 1 x 150


Product Code: A46.004

Pack Size: 1 x 8

Stockinette Dishcloth Blue 16in x 12in

Product Code: A01.000B

Pack Size: 1 x 10

Terry Tea Towels Checked

Product Code: A08.000

Pack Size: 1 x 10