Product Type

Borders Mini Assorted Biscuits

Product Code: C75.021

Pack Size: 1 x 100

Fairtrade Brown Sugar Sticks

Product Code: C75.004

Pack Size: 1 x 1000

High-quality granulated brown sugar made from pure cane sugar. These brown sugar sticks are perfect for homes, offices or...

Fairtrade White Sugar Sticks

Product Code: C75.003

Pack Size: 1 x 1000

White sugar sticks bring the perfect amount of sweetness to your tea for every sip.

Nescafe Coffee 1 Cup Sticks

Product Code: C75.042

Pack Size: 1 x 200

These single serving sticks of coffee are ideal for hotels, B&Bs and guesthouses, for self catering facilities whether at front of...

Nescafe Decaf Coffee 1 Cup Sticks

Product Code: C75.043

Pack Size: 1 x 200

Nescafe Decaffeinated Instant Coffee Stick Packs. Rich tasting Nescafe decaffeinated granules in handy one cup sticks.

PG Tips Envelopes

Product Code: C75.023

Pack Size: 1 x 200

Awaiting Confirmation Date

The individually sealed sachets ensure added freshness, while the versatile bag form makes it ideal for office conference rooms and guest...

UHT Milk Pots 120

Product Code: C75.027

Pack Size: 1 x 120

One-hit portions of semi-skimmed milk, great for all catering situations, including offices, hotels, conference centres and more....