Clean hard floors 20% faster

For years, cleaners have used traditional string cotton mops to clean a floor. Have you ever stopped to think what happens as part of this process?

To explain, you take your clean mop and your bucket of cleaning solution, dunk the cotton mop in to the bucket and mop the floor. You then put the dirty mop back in the bucket and rinse out the mop. What happens to the dirt you’ve just taken off the floor? This stays in the solution and goes back on the floor the next time you rinse the mop in the bucket of dirty water and repeat the mopping process. Hard work?

Using the Rubbermaid Pulse system, each mop can cover 45m2.  The latest microfibre technology holds the dirt on the mop. Tests show that Microfiber mops clean 45% better than string mops, clean floors 20% faster, can remove up to 99.9% of micro-organisms, and can be laundered up to 500 times. All with an on board reservoir for easy, ergonomic dispensing of your cleaning solution. No more over dosing of chemicals and no more dirty, unhygienic cotton mops abandoned in the corner of the cleaners cupboard!

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