Bio Enzymes- for people, planet and pocket

Day by day awareness increases and attention is brought towards the state of our planet in regards to climate change. Just as quickly come articles advising on ways that the average person can do their part to prevent further damage. From reusable bags, plant based diets to bamboo toothbrushes there are many steps that are spoken about. What often isn’t discussed are the benefits of bio-enzymes in cleaning products.

To many this idea might sound far fetched; after all traditional chemical based products have dominated the industry for decades- but this new revolution of bio-enzyme cleaning products has many undeniable benefits. Companies such as InnuScience provide their cleaning products as concentrates in recyclable bottles thereby helping consumers reduce their plastic consumption and allowing consumers to save money. Not only that, but using bio-enzymes allow cleaning supplies to be made without the need for unsustainable raw materials which aquiring would release harmful chemicals into the atmosphere.

The benefits of bio-enzyme cleaners span further than just environmental benefits, in comparison to chemical cleaners, bio-enzymes do not cause harm to your health. A study was conducted which followed a group of 6000 people over a 20 year period to study the effects of using chemical cleaning products on a person’s health. The outcome of this research told that using cleaning chemicals regularly over a long period of time had the same effect on your health as smoking 20 cigarettes per day, measured by tracking the lung function of the participants. To read more about the research conducted, please click below to access the report published by the Independent


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