Radic8 And The Clean Air Revolution

Radic8 is a company created on good intentions, founded by Richard Greenwood. Richard became driven to find clean air solutions after his father was diagnosed with Chronic Obtrusive Pulmonary Disease, a debilitating respiratory disease. This led him to Viruskiller. Viruskiller technology was designed in South Korea in 2004 by INBair; a company founded as an emergency response to the 2003 SARS Coronavirus outbreak. Viruskiller was created as a way to effectively eradicate airborne pathogens, including viruses from indoor environments, and in 2017 Radic8 and INBair joined forces to introduce Viruskiller technology globally.

Currently, there are many air purification devices on the market, but they do not kill viruses in a single air pass meaning pathogens are sent back into the breathing zone. This is where Radic8 is different. Radic8 works by tackling the problem of dirty air (dust, pollen, and dander), sick air (viruses, bacteria and mould) and toxic air (VOC’s and gasses) as well as droplet and airborne disease transmission routes with their Viruskiller air sterilisation devices.

These devices have 3 main features:

•             Controlled Airflow: Viruskiller devices have a controlled airflow which create a sterilised environment without cross contamination.

•             Filter Arrangement: the filter arrangement, combined with the UVC lights inside the reactor chamber make sure that nothing comes out of the unit alive.

•             Single Air Pass: Single air passes create a real time protection for the occupants within a room as the air that is sent out of the device is 99.9999% virus free.

Some additional benefits would include:

•             A high quality fan and a silencer to reduce the noise pollution generated, even when used on full power.

•             Low energy consumption and running costs due to their energy efficient UVC lamps and fan.


In recent studies it has been confirmed that viruses can travel further in the air because they attach themselves to particles of air pollution, so even by reducing the pollutants in the air, the spread of viruses will be decreased. Viruskiller is installed across 80% of South Korean Hospitals, and there are more than 370.000 units installed commercially in South Korea alone. It has proven to be an invaluable piece of technology and vital for prevention against SARS-CoV-2 infections as recent test results show that along with 15 other pathogens, nothing was detected out of the unit. Viruskiller devices are effective in sectors such as schools, public transport and restaurants; as well as being highly effective in high risk sectors, such as hospitals, care homes and medical centres. In fact, several studies have been carried out showing that there have been up to 97% reductions in Bacteria, Fungi and Mould in places which have installed the Viruskiller units.

Radic8 units cover spaces from 20sqm – 160sqm and have sizes to suit every space. Our specialist team will work out the best combinations for your environment so you are breathing clean, healthy air everywhere. To book a free consultation please call our office 01763 262050.

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