Black Swan Care Group endorse Newline for outstanding service

Our aim at Newline is to continually take innovative cleaning solutions and options to our customers. When we introduced InnuScience as an alternative to cleaning  their homes with petrochemical based cleaning products, Black Swan quickly decided to put the products to the test in a trial. The decision quickly became an easy one to make. Tom Lyons (Managing Director) said 'at Black Swan we are constantly looking at the health and wellbeing of our residents and staff. Working closely alongside Newline we have recently changed all of our cleaning chemicals from a range of regular petrochemical based cleaning chemicals, to an innovative range of bio enzyme products, with great success, and very positive feedback from our staff. I would happily recommend Newline as our supplier of choice.

Black Swan are a long standing, much valued customers to Newline. We take great pride in the partnership that we have built with Black Swan over the years, both companies are forward thinking in their ethos, ensuring service and attention to detail is foremost. Key to the success has been our ability to ensure that the Black Swan homes are never out of stock, have the most cost effective, up to date range of quality products, backed up with the very best in training and support. All of our team are committed to providing Black Swan with an unrivalled service. 


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